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Testimonials from Our Team

Feedback from our Mercer Teams...

By Kevin Bryson - Sales Manager / Westminster, MD

I love to work at Mercer's for a couple of reasons. I like that it is family oriented. It means a lot to me when the company I work for, shows me the same respect and care as I give the company. I value all the training. I have worked for other floor covering companies and have never received the amount of support, training, and encouragement as I get here. Last but not least, I need to be challenged. I am challenged here every day. Constantly trying new things, seeing new problems, and always working as a team for the best solution for the customer. There's never a dull moment, it's fun, and i love that!!

By Lee Biars - Marketing / Westminster, MD

The main thing that immediately struck me about Mercer throughout the interview process and my first few weeks of working here is that my co-workers truly believe in the company and the product. As a former business owner myself, it can be quite challenging to find people that buy into what the company is trying to achieve. To find that dedication from the top down is something that's both rare and special. It's truly a symbiotic relationship where the company takes care of its employees, and in return the employees keep the company's best interests at heart.

By Tim Batts - Sales Representative / Westminster, MD

I find Mercer Floor & Home to be a helpful and friendly environment to work in. I enjoy all the friendly competition and drive that our team fosters. I appreciate that the company has allowed me the ability to work while continuing my master's level education.

By Dwayne Unger - Sales Manager / Insurance Replacement Dept. / Westminster, MD

I like working at Mercer's because I love being in charge of my own income and the office has a fun, family atmosphere. I also really enjoy helping all my homeowners achieve the "dream" they want for their homes.

By Mark Flickinger - Warehouse Manager / Westminster, MD

I've been employed as Mercer Carpet One's warehouse foreman for over 11 years. I served 3 years in the U.S. Air Force right after high school and have had a few other jobs before coming here and feel I've found my "calling" as far as having a job I enjoy and am rewarded by in many ways. I love the challenges and responsibilities I face each day. From making sure the products we order are received on time to getting our crews out the door first thing in the morning with those products. Those 2 things are just the tip of the iceberg of what I do every day to help make our company successful. I also work with a gifted group of salespeople, installers and other operations personnel that help me to be successful and whom I enjoy working with as well.

Feedback from our ProSource Teams...

By Steve Chetelat - Account Manager / Baltimore, MD

I think ProSource is the the most honest company I've ever worked for. The support system is fantastic. I never have to wait for assistance. The owners support our efforts 100% as well as leave no stones un-turned in their efforts to bring us customers.

By Nancy Bouchal - Store Manager / Columbia, MD

The top two reasons that I like to work at ProSource. The first reason is the employees and the members, everyone makes it an enjoyable & fun environment to work in. Another reason I enjoy working at ProSource is the hours as we do not have retail hours.

By Ed Collins– Warehouse Service Coordinator, Account Manager / Dulles, VA

I enjoy working at ProSource because I have the potential to control my earnings. The group of people that I work with makes coming to work an enjoyable event daily.

By Jim Mitchell – Store Manager / Dulles, VA

I enjoy working for ProSource because the ownership gives me the freedom to think outside the box. They give me enough flexibility to achieve any personal goals I may have and I like an occasional free lunch from time to time.

By Justin Stark – Operations Manager / All Locations

I like the assortment of people I get to work with on a daily basis at ProSource: I get the pleasure of working with designers, contractors, and installers. Prosource has fixed showroom hours which allow me to work a more set schedule. That makes it easier to plan activities outside of work. Most of all, the atmosphere that we work in is a fun and exciting place and very energetic.

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